8 Interior Design Tips to Improve Your Home’s Atmosphere

There’s truth to the famous phrase “there’s no place like home.” For most people, home is more than just a roof over their heads—it’s a break from all the noise that happens in their everyday lives.

When setting up your very own living space, it’s important to keep its atmosphere light and easy. Data from the University of Minnesota says that a person’s environment can greatly influence mood and cognition. In line with this claim, that’s precisely why you need to curate a space that not only provides safety and security but also evokes a healthy, peaceful, and joyous living. So if you’re looking to set or refine your home’s ambiance, here are some interior designs tips you can consider:

1. Know your color preferences
Colors have a great impact on a space and the people in it. As it could make or break the vibe in your home, choosing color patterns for each room should be done with careful thought. For starters, decide if you’re going for warm or cool tones.

Warm shades, such as red, orange, and yellow, can liven up the area and energize its occupants. Meanwhile, cool tones like blue, green, and purple help create a sense of calm and quiet, perfect for a more relaxing atmosphere.

2. Incorporate scents
Studies confirm that scents can significantly alter one’s cognition, mood, and social behavior. So when improving your abode’s ambiance, don’t forget to fill the space with a pleasant aroma. Invest in a diffuser and essential oils such as eucalyptus, geranium, and chamomile to foster a spa-like feel at home. You can also burn your favorite scented candles or display fragrant flowers in the rooms to add a soothing aroma.

3. Use different forms of lighting
According to interior designer Sara Barney, well-lighted rooms make an area look more appealing and put together. With this, be sure to think about lighting when you want to enhance your home’s atmosphere. Whenever possible, let natural light flood in the rooms by throwing your blinds back. You may also integrate floor and desk lamps, overhead lights, and accent lighting with a gentle glow, especially to the darker spaces of your house.

4. Let fresh air in
Apart from decluttering, maintaining a breathable room includes opening your windows once in a while. Proper ventilation allows fresh air in and dirty air out of the room, which is essential to reduce indoor pollutants and stuffiness around the house. Especially when the weather is perfect, letting some breeze in can also be healing and relaxing one way or another, further improving the general vibe of the home.

5. Add some greenery
For an extra breath of fresh air, bring some greens into your home. Houseplants can purify your place’s atmosphere since they naturally take in carbon dioxide and produce oxygen in turn. Having a pot or two of greens around can also calm the mind, as science shows it’s a less straining color to perceive among the spectrum. Moreover, a beautiful plant within reach is always aesthetically pleasing to look at, which is always a plus!

6. Personalize the area
While a quick online search can get you a list of home decor ideas to choose from, there’s nothing like customizing your home with personal treasures to elevate its ambiance instantly.

Throw in sentimental pieces on display like framed family portraits, souvenirs from trips, and even homemade art projects. Interior designer Abbe Fenimore suggests that surrounding yourself with delightful memories and photos of your loved ones can effectively contribute to warming up your home.

7. Organize the clutter
A messy environment can prompt anxiety and stress, which is why it’s important to always keep your visual “noise” at bay for a healthier aura in your haven. Since decluttering can be overwhelming, begin in a small corner. Organize any items on sight that shouldn’t be there in the first place, and then clear out ones no longer in use to give way for new pieces. Make sure to declutter your closet, shelves, and drawers too. Remember, sometimes, less is more.

8. Choose comfort
It’s innate for humans to look for an environment that can provide both physical and psychological support. So when upgrading the general look and feel of your abode, always go for comfort.

Tailor parts of your home to fit your level of comfort, such as getting an ergonomic table and chair for your workstation, adding soft pillows to your living room, and designating a specific area for recreation in your bedroom. Listen to your wants and needs, and get creative in decorating your interiors to your liking!

Creating a Better Atmosphere for Your Home

Switching up your interiors shouldn’t necessarily mean getting the trendiest furniture or signing up for a complete home makeover. More often than not, improving your home’s ambiance through decorating is all it takes to come up with a better living experience. With these tips in mind, living in a well-designed home that will improve your wellness should be much easier. While thoughtful interior design can help you improve your home’s atmosphere, its overall appeal will ultimately be defined by the quality of its fixtures and finishes. Taking this factor into consideration, investing in a luxury condominium unit at Grand Hyatt Manila Residences South Tower will be your best decision yet.

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